Case Management Group

This group should be set up to provide backup and support for the Safeguarding/ Welfare Officer at Club, County and National level.


To make decisions on the initial approach to all reported cases related to the welfare and protection of children and vulnerable adults. Principally these relate to the "route" a case will take internally and/or via external referral to statutory agencies

To make initial decisions as to what level each case will be dealt with, ie, minor poor practice which may be referred back to a club complaints and disciplinary procedures with advice, or suspected abuse of a child or vulnerable adult which requires dealing with at national level through disciplinary procedures.

To advise others within the organisation about actions they may need to take, such as initiating disciplinary proceedings.

To monitor and review progress on all cases and to identify any trends emerging which may require a review or revision of existing policies and procedures.


Independence: It is essential that the group is empowered by the management to make decisions on the "route" that cases will take without influence or prejudice by others in the organisation.

Confidentiality: all child and vulnerable adult welfare matters must be regarded as highly confidential and not for disclosure outside the group unless so agreed, on a strictly need to know basis in line with the Data Protection Act and Human Rights Act.

Expertise: The group should include people who have the relevant knowledge and expertise to enable the group to fulfil its purpose such as HR/ Personnel Manager/ Clerk to disciplinary panel etc. It is recommended that at least one member of the group is external to the management group and has current professional child and vulnerable adult protection knowledge and experience, such as a child protection social work manager or policy protection team officer.

Equity and Anti-discriminatory Practice: All decisions made by the group need to be fair, open and transparent. An open mind needs to be kept in all cases until they have been investigated and concluded. The group should be guided by the NGB’s equity policy and the principle that ALL children and vulnerable people have the right to protection from abuse regardless of their race, ethnic origin, gender, disability, religious belief system or sexual orientation.

The Welfare of the Child (or Vulnerable Adult) is Paramount

The principle in relation to the child is enshrined in the Children’s Act 1989 and for Vulnerable Adults in the Care Standards Act 2000. In any decision taken by the group the welfare of the individual involved is the paramount concern and takes precedence over those of an adult where there is a perceived conflict of interest.

Advice can be obtained from the Association of Bowling Codes (ABC) Safeguarding Panel.

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