Dealing with the Media


The abuse of children and the vulnerable is an issue which will generate media interest at any level. It is important that at all levels within bowls, from Club to NGB that there is an effective strategy for handling media.

If there is an allegation made it is important that initial enquiries are handled in such a way that it will not aggravate any situation or generate negative publicity.

Be prepared:

Contact from the press or a journalist

If contacted or approached by a member of the press, it is likely that the journalist might have heard about an alleged case of abuse from a source or directly from a relative or acquaintance of the alleged victim.

Follow up

Be prepared for follow up enquiries (either by telephone or personal contact) as allegations of abuse are rarely one-day stories. Just because an initial response has been given does not mean to say that there will be no more questions in the future. Continue to liaise with your NGB and County Body as needed.

Do not comment "Off the record" on any allegations of abuse of children or the vulnerable. Journalists like nothing better than comments made of this nature. They can use this tool to elicit more information on the understanding that they will not publish what you say.

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