Recruitment for Safeguarding

To ensure that unsuitable people are prevented from working with children or vulnerable adults, all applicants should be interviewed, and asked to undertake an Enhanced DBS Clearance or asked to complete a Volunteer Disclosure and Reference Form (as appropriate in exceptional cases). References should be taken up in relation to any Volunteer Disclosure completed (the Organisation having undertaken an appropriate Risk Assessment).

These forms can be found by selecting the appropriate link below

There may be an administrative charge for handling the processing of the DBS form on behalf of the NGB.

Clubs with paid staff should review the extent to which their employees have access to children and vulnerable adults, and seek advice from their NGB as to whether a DBS disclosure is appropriate.

Recruitment of Ex-Offenders – Statement of Policy

This applies to all aspects of employment albeit as a post as part of an NGB or at Club level.


Any organisation using the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) [formerly known as the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure service] to assess an applicants’ suitability for positions of trust, must comply fully with the DBS Code of Practice. Also undertake to treat all applicants for positions fairly. It undertakes not to discriminate unfairly against any subject of a Disclosure on the basis of conviction or other information revealed.

They must:

Having a criminal record will not necessarily bar a person from working with an organisation associated with bowls. This will depend on the nature of the position and the circumstances and background of the offences.

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