Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is individual to each Club although leagues, counties and the National Governing Bodies can be ultimately held responsible if anything goes wrong. Risk assessment for the playing of Bowls is covered to some degree within our rules or laws (striking etc). However, we have to consider all aspects of risk e.g.:

Unfortunately if something goes wrong and we don’t have risk assessment in place, the Club, League, County and National Governing Body could be at risk under their Duty of Care to all people on site, and Health and Safety requirements.

Records must be kept to ensure that a club is complying with their general care to individuals in terms of Risk Assessments, e.g. greenkeeper’s log etc

Any club or other organisation should seriously look at its risk assessment procedures to ensure the safety of all concerned. A superb Risk Assessment Form and documentation can be found on the Samples Forms page click here to access. Our thanks are expressed to Sid Westoon of the Bilston League, Staffordshire Crown Green Bowling Association for allowing the use of the document for the family of Bowls.

In conclusion if there is a risk to anyone on site we must identify it, write it down and write down the solution to minimise it and adhere to it! In terms of risk assessment there is obviously more that can be at local level just by applying pure common sense and its implementation. However, it must be done in situ at individual Club level. The National Governing Bodies can, however, help produce guidelines for clubs to follow.

While the above is of general importance to all, where the young and vulnerable adults are involved, there is a more specific duty of care. In addition to the common risks falling within the Club’s general duty of care to minimise risks to the general membership, the Club has a special responsibility to safeguard children and at risk adults participating in its activities. There is a twofold risk associated with this responsibility.

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