Welcoming Children to your Club

When young people join local clubs it is helpful to discuss with them what their hopes and aspirations are, and what they hope to get out of the sport and club. Research shows that when children are empowered to create rules for themselves these rules are usually far more greatly respected and often stricter than those imposed by adults responsible for supervising and/or coaching the group.

Possible topics for discussion that can be considered are:

Club Child Protection or Safeguarding Officers are therefore encouraged to work with coaches, junior team managers and children (preferably from a wide cross section of ages and experience) to design something that everyone will sign up to.

Codes of conduct and practice for parents and carers together with one for junior members can be found on the Expected Behaviour page.

While many children are able-bodied, the nature of the Sport of Bowls is such that anyone can participate. Guidance as to the consideration of children who are less able-bodied can be found by clicking here (Safeguarding and involving the disabled child and young person in sport).

Many young people join indoor bowls clubs. The EIBA have produced a pdf document with regard to Bowls as a School Sport which gives helpful advice on promoting youth bowls. Click here to access it.

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